Barker & Frank Limited

Standard terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions shall apply to all orders placed with us unless otherwise agreed by us in writing
  1. Prices listed within this quotation are inclusive of VAT.
  2. Payment is to be made as follows;
  3. 50% will be paid on acceptance of the quotation.
  4. Interim payments to be paid as necessary during the period of the contract.
  5. Balance to be paid upon completion and within fourteen days of the submission of our final account.
  6. In the case of non-payment of any account when due we reserve the right to suspend or cancel every contract made with the customer without prejudice to our right to recover from the customer any loss occasioned thereby.
  7. Once a fitting date has been agreed, two working days notice of cancellation is required or, regrettably, and account for lost time will be charged.
  8. Statements in any quotation or contract as to the time or date for delivery of goods or materials for the completion of any work are to be treated as an approximate estimate based on current trading conditions.
  9. Our prices are based upon the cost of materials, labour, statutory obligations and transport ruling at the date when such prices are quoted or in the absence of a quotation when such prices were agreed. If subsequently before completion of our work variations should arise in these costs from our manufacturers/suppliers, we reserve the right to adjust our prices to allow for these variations.
  10. If our contractors are held up in their work for any reason beyond our control, any time lost may be charged to the customer as an extra.
  11. This quotation is based on carrying out the work in normal hours and as a continuous job, unless otherwise stated. An additional charge will be made for any work outside normal hours or for any break in continuity resulting from altered instructions for work already put in hand.
  12. Our prices are conditional on the normal services of water, light, power and heating being available free of cost when required.
  13. Our contractors are not allowed to accept verbal instructions from our clients. Our contractors have instructions to obtain authority from Barker & Frank Limited before carrying out any additions and/or variations to work specified on the accepted estimate.
  14. Acceptance of this quotation should be made in writing on the form provided.
  15. These conditions and the contract shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English law.
  16. Any account not settled at the dates set out in paragraph 3 above shall have a surcharge of 2½ % added to the sum outstanding for each month or part thereof that shall remain unpaid. This is without prejudice to the rights set out in paragraph 5 above.
  17. The title of the goods shall not pass to the customer until payment has been made of the full contract price.
  18. We are obliged to fit in accordance with child safety regulations.

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